by Anton Tschechow


Nina: It was a curious play, wasn't it?
Trigorin: I couldn't understand it at all, but I watched it with
the greatest pleasure because you acted with such sincerity, and the
setting was beautiful.
[A pause]
There must be a lot of fish in this lake.
Nina: Yes, there are.


Like in a carousel Cechov’s characters turn around each other: one loves someone else, someone loves no one. They resemble the whitefish catch: Packed together on a Russian country estate they make art, theatre, literature, with passion but without genius. Generation conflicts, the rebellious cry for new forms, senile sentimentality - all are results of a general standstill. The carousel wobbles and squeals, but keeps turning. No romanticism, no soulful atmosphere: seagulls are scavengers.


Kompania Doomsday (Bialystok, PL) and Figurentheater Wilde & Vogel
Coproduction with FITZ! Zentrum für Figurentheater Stuttgart

Dir. by: Hendrik Mannes
Performed by: Marcin Bartnikowski, Marcin Bikowski, Pawel Chomczyk, Dagmara Sowa
Scenography: Michael Vogel
Music: Charlotte Wilde
Assistant to director: Heiko Klandt

First night: 6. May 2008 at Teatr Stara Prochoffnia Warsaw


Financially supported by Fundacje Wspólpracy Polsko-Niemieckiej Warsaw, Fonds darstellende Kuenste, City of Bialystok, City of Stuttgart, Project SONE – Program Culture 2007-13 of the European Union